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 We are all smiles at the Zoo over the weekend forecast of sun and warmer temperatures ☀️ make plans to visit us to soak it in and enjoy the weekend!
 The sun is out, the ice is melting and we will be opening at 9am! Come burn off some of that energy from being stuck inside with a fun trip to the Zoo!
 Bety and Sassy don’t have a case of the Mondays, but rather are still in torpor (a state of decreased appetite and activity similar to hibernation) and are lounging behind-the-scenes in their bear dens. You will be able to see them again at the Zoo once the nice spring weather resumes. Several of the Zoo animals become more active during the winter months including Geo and Farley the sea lions. Bundle up and head on over to see a different side of some of your favorite animals!
 Congrats the @ua_athletics on another championship win! Callee says "Roll Tide!" #nationalchampionship
 Half-price admission today and tomorrow! Come out and enjoy the sunshine and the animals!
 Has this cold weather given you the winter blues? We have just the cure for you - half price admission this weekend to the Zoo! This weekend, January 6 and 7, we're offering half-price admission. Come enjoy the sunshine, the *slightly* warmer weather and the Zoo!
 Stella, the striped skunk, visited @wbrcnews this morning with information on our Martin Luther King Day Food Drive - bring any non-perishable or canned food item on January 15 and receive half-price admission!
 We love this photo from Jennifer Lysaght Cox showing 3 generations who grew up riding the Birmingham Zoo train! Thank you for sharing, Jennifer!