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  Happy Vet Tech Week - Day 4! GROUNDHOG CHECK-UP  . Veterinary technicians play many different roles on the Birmingham Zoo Health Center team! Administering medical treatments to animals, running lab work, keeping the Health Center stocked and functioning…the list goes on and on. Here, vet techs Jenny and Bridget are monitoring anesthesia and collecting blood as part of our groundhog’s annual health check-up. . #NationalVetTechWeek #bhamzoo #birminghamzoo
  SNEAK PEEK! We are getting ready for a great day promoting our education programs at the Annual Alabama Association of Gifted Children Conference (AAGC). We will be meeting and interacting with over 300 teachers today and tomorrow! If you happen to be at the conference, please stop by our booth and say hello!  . #bhamzoo #birminghamzoo
  TOMORROW NIGHT starts part 2 of Boo at the Zoo presented by Wells Fargo! .  Join us EVERY NIGHT starting Thursday, October 18 until Halloween, October 31 from 5p-9p at the Zoo! .  TAKE PHOTOS & SHARE them with us! Tag @bhamzoo and use our hashtag #BooAtBhamZoo . #bhamzoo #birminghamzoo
  Happy Vet Tech Week - Day 3! MEET JENNY!  . Jenny is new to the Birmingham Zoo team, having just started in September of this year! She comes from a veterinary family and has grown up around animals since a small child. Jenny’s dad is an exotic, wildlife, general practice, and zoo Veterinarian. She has worked at her family’s private practice pretty much her whole life and spent a lot of time at a raptor rehab facility her dad founded. . “I’ve had a deep interest in exotic animals and wildlife conservation due to my exposure,” says Jenny. She received a bachelor’s degree in Zoology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa where she also volunteered at the Honolulu Zoo as a technician at the veterinary clinic. After graduating, Jenny worked full time at her dad’s clinic and the various zoos and exotic facilities he does veterinary work for. After receiving her Registered Veterinary Technician license, Jenny was hired at a 24 hour veterinary emergency specialist’s clinic as an RVT. In her spare time, while living in California, she gave educational lectures to the public and schools about raptors and their biology for the Orange County Bird of Prey Center. . Jenny’s favorite animals include great horned owls, tortoises, and South American Jaguars. Fun fact, she can mimic a jaguar’s scream too! When Jenny is not working at the Zoo, she spends her time painting, drawing, sewing, and playing her violin! . Make sure to say hello to Jenny when you see her at the Zoo! . #NationalVetTechWeek #bhamzoo #birminghamzoo
 I SPY...  . FUN FACT: The name of these antelopes originates from the way they vanish into undergrowth and hide away in bushes when alarmed or threatened. Duiker, pronounced dike-er, is the Afrikaans word for ‘diver’. . Visit our Yellow Backed Duiker, Dino, on your next visit to the Zoo! You can find him relaxing in the tall grass.  . #YellowBackedDuiker #bhamzoo #birminghamzoo  @tessawoods15
  Happy Vet Tech Week - Day 2! MEET BRIDGET!  . Bridget has been a technician with the Birmingham Zoo since 2011 and has been the Head Veterinary Technician since 2014. Bridget has a passion for helping train animals to participate in their own medical care, such as blood collection with rhinos, giraffes, cassowary, DeBrazza’s monkey, and black bears. . She also assists with radiographs for sea lions, a fishing cat, and giant otter to name a few. Her work has been instrumental in progressing many medical behaviors throughout the Zoo. Bridget is active in the Birmingham chapter of the American Association of Zoo Keepers (AAZK), where she serves as President. Some of her favorite animals include the kiwi, cassowary, and rhino! . Make sure to say hello to Bridget when you see her at the Zoo! . #NationalVetTechWeek #bhamzoo #birmingham
 We had a blast this morning with Matt & Aunie at @realtalk995!  . #bhamzoo #birminghamzoo #Talk995
  WE'RE LIVE!!! LISTEN IN TO @realtalk995 RIGHT NOW! Our Animal Care Professional, Sam is giving an amazing interview about your Zoo! . #bhamzoo #birminghamzoo #Talk995