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 It may be rainy, but there's always fun to be had at the Zoo! ️
 The longest day of the year is the perfect day to celebrate the tallest animal! Happy #WorldGiraffeDay! We'd love to see your giraffe feeding pictures in the comments below. You can symbolically adopt a giraffe from the Zoo at and for today only, all giraffe adoptions will get the benefits of the next level up!
 Did you know that each Grant's Zebra has a unique pattern of black and white stripes? Next time you're at the Zoo, try to spot the pattern differences of Malia, Kabibe and Sam! ( by Scott Kayser)
 Here’s Josh and Emily with Levi and Nala. Levi and Nala are trained to fly together during the free flight show. Be sure to come see all of these amazing birds daily through July 4 at 11am and 2:30pm! #TakeoverTuesday – Phung
 Marvin, the Aracari, is enjoying himself and catching some Birmingham sun rays! Come visit the show – you may be lucky enough to have Marvin come land on your hand! #TakeoverTuesday – Phung
 Here’s Emily again with Nala, a green winged macaw. Nala is taking flight during the show and flashing her brilliant macaw coloration. #TakeoverTuesday – Phung
 Rizzo, the rose breasted cockatoo, is showing off his recycling ability. If Rizzo can recycle, so can you! #TakeoverTuesday – Phung
 This is Kern, the turkey vulture. He has a large wing span and enjoys buzzing and flying over the audience during the show! #TakeoverTuesday – Phung