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 The forecast looks like today will be a beautiful day for a Zoo visit! Be sure to visit Khan, the new 3 year old jaguar, and see his awesome new habitat in the Primate/Social Animal Building! ( by Dane Jorgensen)
 Not all of Bird Department is birds. We've got a pair of red-flanked duikers too: Ricky Bobby (in the background) and Beatrice Bobbie (in the foreground). The Bobbys spend a lot of time together in their barn, but when Beatrice goes outside to graze, Ricky is never far behind. They make an adorable couple. Thanks for joining me today for #TakeoverTuesday - Adam Laur, Birmingham Zoo Bird Keeper
 On the way to the train station entrance is the swan pond, where the mute swans are working on their nest. If you see the big guy gliding up to the fence with his wings raised up and his chest puffed out like this, fair warning: he's NOT coming up to say hi; he's...OK, yes, there's an underlying theme here. But the way I see it, Bird Department is the most macho of the animal departments, because with the really dangerous animals, there's always a barrier between them and the keepers. We've got to go in with birds like these! #TakeoverTuesday - Adam Laur, Birmingham Zoo Bird Keeper
 Used Christmas trees never go to waste at the Birmingham Zoo. Our cinereous vultures Stryker and Ma will use the cut-up branches to build their nest. Ma's actually the bigger of the two, and the dominant one, as is the case with most female birds of prey. Ma takes charge of most of the nest-building. Stryker waddles lamely around behind her, once in awhile offering a stick (she usually rejects his). You can see them working on it right next to the giraffe feeding station. #TakeoverTuesday - Adam Laur, Birmingham Zoo Bird Keeper
 Just another day at the office, with the Animal Health Center staff administering West Nile virus vaccinations to our flamingo flock. #TakeoverTuesday - Adam Laur, Birmingham Zoo Bird Keeper
 Normally, these white-naped cranes are fine with me going into their yard to get them fresh food and water. But when they're nesting, they get very protective of their eggs and aggressive towards intruders. Now every morning, they patrol the fence and growl at me like guard dogs. You can see the eggs at the male's feet - the parents take turns incubating them, and the male's parental instinct is actually the stronger of the two, making him the most dangerous. Check them out on the train ride through the woods. #TakeoverTuesday - Adam Laur, Birmingham Zoo Bird Keeper
 Hi, I'm Adam Laur and I'm a bird keeper at the Birmingham Zoo. Here I am on a typical day in the life of a bird keeper, checking the brush turkey's nest mound for eggs. But the male turkey is extremely protective of it, and he takes offense at anyone who messes it up, so it's a challenge to to get through this without getting pecked or having leaves kicked in my face. He built up this huge pile of leaves all by himself! You can check it out next to the sea lion pool. If you see a second brush turkey with less bright colors digging in the mound, that's the female, and she might be getting ready to lay an egg! #TakeoverTuesday - Adam Laur, Birmingham Zoo Bird Keeper
 Have you made it out to see the new jaguar, Khan, and his new habitat? Come out this week during Spring Break to enjoy meeting the Zoo's newest member, and daily activities for all-ages to enjoy! ( by Dane Jorgensen)