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 This spring, the Birmingham Zoo will have the three largest feline species, tigers, lions and jaguars! Khan, the jaguar, will be joining the Birmingham Zoo family!
 Did you know the blue duiker is the smallest member of the duiker family? You can see blue, red-flanked and yellow duikers at the Birmingham Zoo!
 This week's #FanPhotoFriday was submitted by Melissa Reid Liles and shows one of the Zoo's beautiful American Flamingos. Thanks for submitting this awesome photo, Melissa! Interested in seeing your photo on the Zoo's #FanPhotoFriday? It's easy! Visit the Zoo, take photos of your favorite animals and submit them to the Zoo in a Facebook message.
 Puff, the hedgehog, visited @wbrcnews this morning with information on fun Spring Break and Summer Camps at the Zoo! You can find out more details about Zoo Camps at!
 We are so excited that Khan will soon be joining the Birmingham Zoo family! Did you know the jaguar is one of only four cats (all big cats from the genus Panthera) that can roar? Jaguars, lions, tigers, and leopards can roar because the hyoid bone in the voice box is flexible with a specialized ligament. This ligament can be stretched, thus producing a bigger sound and a wider pitch. In addition, these big cats have fleshy vocal cords, which also contribute to a deeper sound. #Jaguar #NowYouKnow #FunFact
 Happy Valentine's Day from Bulwagi and some of the Birmingham Zoo's amazing Trails of Africa Animal Care Professionals! #Elephant #ValentinesDay #BirminghamAL
 The Zoo's sea lions, Gio and Farley, enjoyed special heart shaped ice treats today for Valentine's Day
 We hope your day is full of love! Don't forget to join us for special Valentine presents for the animals today from 9:30am-2pm, and for Woo at the Zoo tonight from 6-9pm!