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 Congratulations to the winner of the Dino Discovery - They're Back! Coloring Contest, Jesse! The stegosaurus designed by Jesse will be replicated and on exhibit for Dino Discovery - They're Back! opening at the Zoo in March. Congrats, Jesse!
 Sarabi, the Zoo’s African serval, visited FOX 6 this morning along with Brian Badger from the Cheetah Conservation Fund! Did you know that servals are often mistaken for cheetahs? Servals are smaller and size and are clocked as the second fastest cat at 45 mph. Brian Badger will visit the Birmingham Zoo Auditorium tonight from 6-8pm to cover the incredibly varied work that the Cheetah Conservation Fund does in Namibia and around the world in the endeavor to save the species. Visit for more information. #FridayFact #GoodDayAlabama #BirminghamAL #bhamzoo
 Everyone’s favorite groundhog, Birmingham Bill, visited FOX 6 this morning with information on Groundhog Day at the Zoo on Tuesday, February 2! Did you know that groundhogs are the largest members of the squirrel family? Visit for more details on Groundhog Day at the Zoo! #FridayFact #GoodDayAlabama #BirminghamAL #bhamzoo
 Due to inclement weather, the Birmingham Zoo will close early today, January 22 at 1pm. The Zoo will re-open tomorrow, January 23 at 12pm.
 Taj, one of the Zoo’s ferrets, stopped by FOX 6 this morning with information on the Zoo’s dino coloring contest! One talented student will provide the design for our life-size Stegosaurus. Did you know that ferrets have a flexible spine that allows them to turn their body 180 degrees? Visit for more information on how your child can design one of the Zoo’s dinosaurs in the Dino Discovery – They’re back exhibit! #FridayFact #GoodDayAlabama #BirminghamAL #BhamZoo
 This week’s ‪#‎FanPhotoFriday was submitted by Starr Vines Williams and shows the Zoo’s sloth hanging out. Thank you for submitting this awesome photo, Starr! Are you interested in seeing your photo on the Zoo’s #FanPhotoFriday? It’s easy! Visit the Zoo, take photos of your favorite animals and submit them to the Zoo in a Facebook message. Be sure to check each week to see if your photo is the Zoo’s ‪#‎FanPhoto of the week!
 The Zoo’s corn snake, Zero, visited FOX 6 this morning to remind everyone about the canned food drive on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, January 18! All guests who bring a non-perishable or canned food item in support of the Zoo’s United Way Canned Food Drive will receive half-price admission to the Zoo (limit one discount per guest). Did you know that the corn snake’s name is believed to have originated from the similarity of the markings on their belly to the checkered pattern of maize kernels or Indian corn? Visit for more information on the United Way Canned Food Drive! #FridayFact #GoodDayAlabama #BirminghamAL #BhamZoo
 Vasa, the Zoo’s vasa parrot, flew over to FOX 6 this morning with information on Groundhog Day at the Zoo on February 2! Did you know that when bathing in water, vasa parrots extend their wings and hop around on the ground? Visit for more information on Groundhog Day at the Zoo! #FridayFact #GoodDayAlabama #BirminghamAL #BhamZoo