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  WE HAVE BIG NEWS: The Birmingham Zoo is thrilled to announce that our 8 year old female red panda Sorrel is pregnant, through natural breeding with our male red panda Parker!  .  Birmingham Zoo veterinary staff confirmed her pregnancy after performing an ultrasound exam earlier in the week. This pregnancy will be the second for expectant mother Sorrel. She gave birth to her first litter of two cubs in May 2013 at the Birmingham Zoo. . As of now, Birmingham Zoo veterinary staff will continue to monitor Sorrel’s pregnancy through regular ultrasounds and we promise to keep everyone updated! . #RedPanda #BhamZoo #BirminghamZoo
 Rain or not, it's a Good Friday to visit the Zoo and see Tadpole our Hippo!  . #Hippo #BhamZoo #BirminghamZoo  Zach C., Zoo Services Lead
 AFRICAN LION UPDATE: Since our last post about Kwanza our male African Lion, we would like to update everyone on his current health and progress. . We reported that Kwanza has been diagnosed with a narrowing of the spaces between three of the vertebrae in his neck. This condition can affect the nerves of his front leg, causing him to limp. . Since beginning treatment, we now have great news to report! Kwanza has responded well to medication to decrease his inflammation and is no longer limping! . For long term maintenance, the Birmingham Zoo Veterinary team, in collaboration with our Predator staff, are attempting laser therapy on Kwanza to keep his inflammation down. . In preparation for the laser therapy, Zoo Predator staff have been working with Kwanza, getting him to lay down correctly. The procedure will require Kwanza to lay and hold his position, allowing the laser on his neck for two rounds of 90 seconds. . In addition, our amazing staff have been able to fashion a PVC “arm” that houses the laser to keep it safe. Soon, within the coming weeks, we hope to begin administering laser therapy with Kwanza! . #AfricanLion #BhamZoo #BirminghamZoo  Scott K., Animal Care Professional in Predators
  PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS NOW to our 9th annual Tails in the Trails! The event is a fundraiser, benefiting a new interactive flamingo habitat at the Zoo! . Tails in Trails is sure to be a fun night where guests will be greeted by our animal residents and treated to an outdoor tropical celebration! Enjoy live music from Nationwide Coverage, hors d’oeuvres from over 10 local restaurants, a variety of craft beers from local staples, a signature “Pink Flamingo” cocktail, photo booth, cash bar, online auction, plus so much more! .  You’re invited to join us for this 21 and up event presented by the Birmingham Zoo Junior Board, on Friday, May 31 from 6:30pm-10:00pm in the Birmingham Zoo’s signature Trails of Africa. .  EARLY BIRD TICKETS ON SALE at . #TailsInTheTrails #BhamZoo #BirminghamZoo
  MORE, MORE & MORE BREWERIES! 7 more breweries and one winery have been added to the lineup for our Zoo, Brews & Full Moon BBQ event! Cahaba Brewing Company, Harpoon Brewery, Wild Heaven Beer, Jekyll Brewing, Sierra Nevada, Southern Prohibition, Cat-n-Bird Winery, and Uinta Brewing!! .  Mark your calendars and join us on Saturday, June 22 from 5:30-8:30pm. .  Our annual beer fest is perfect for adults and families, get your tickets now at . #ZooBrews #BhamZoo #BirminghamZoo
 SOCIAL TAKEOVER: We hope you enjoyed Laryssa's posts on her trip aiding in the Lesser Flamingo Chick Rescue at Kamfers Dam, and learned about the efforts being taken to assist in their survival. So far, about 2,000 chicks have been relocated to rescue centers and more rescue efforts are underway by the international zoological community. . ⭐️ In response to this crisis, the Birmingham Zoo has donated $2,500 toward the relief efforts. Other AZA zoos are also participating, by donating funds and in some cases by traveling to the site and to the rescue centers to assist with the relief efforts. . ⭐️ Thank you to the Bird Department for their championing of this cause and to our Zoo family of supporters for contributing to the rescue effort! . #Flamingo #BhamZoo #BirminghamZoo
  SOCIAL TAKEOVER LAST POST: By the end of my stay in South Africa, the rescued Lesser Flamingo chicks were almost entirely self-feeding! It was very exciting and rewarding to see these birds take their first steps towards being released back into the wild. . ⭐️ Working at the Birmingham Zoo has given me the skills, experience, and opportunity to help get these birds a better start in life, so that one day they can stretch their wings over the waters of Kamfers Dam. .  By supporting the Birmingham Zoo, you’re helping send keepers like me all over the world to help wildlife in need! Thank you for reading! . #Flamingo #BhamZoo #BirminghamZoo
  SOCIAL TAKEOVER 7: Soon, the older chicks learned to stomp their feet in the food pans to kick up all the delicious algae settled at the bottom of the water, just like their parents in the wild! . #Flamingo #BhamZoo #BirminghamZoo