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North America’s Biggest Cat is Coming Back to the Birmingham Zoo!

Jaguar Rotator

An all-new jaguar exhibit is coming to the Zoo and will open this spring! The exhibit will be home to Khan, a three year old male jaguar, that was born at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. Unlike most cats, jaguars enjoy being in the water and Khan is no exception! There are only an estimated 15,000 jaguars left in the world and you’ll have the opportunity to learn through educational messaging how you can help this amazing species survive.

You’re invited to see the construction of the exhibit going on now, and to visit this spring to see Khan in his new home. Don’t miss out on being the first to see the new exhibit this spring!


Birmingham Zoo Black Bear Cubs – Behind The Scenes – Arriving at the Zoo

Featurette # 1 of a trilogy sharing the circumstances of how these American Black Bear cub sisters found a new home at the Birmingham Zoo and the tireless dedication of the Zoo staff to ensure this young duo thrives psychologically as well as physically.

Birmingham Zoo Behind the Scenes with bear cubs sisters Bety and Sassy

In this second featurette of a triology, American Black Bear cub sisters Sassy and Bety literally move a big step closer to making their official public debut at the Birmingham Zoo. See the behind the scenes preparation and dedication of the Zoo staff as they ensure this transition is safe and engaging for the cubs!

Bear Cubs First Day, Bety & Sassy, American Black Bear cub sisters

Relive the excitement and exuberance as American Black Bear cub sisters Bety & Sassy make their official debut to the public at the Birmingham Zoo. It’s like Christmas & New Years Day rolled into one!

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