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With your generous gift, YOU will “Inspire Passion to Conserve the Natural World” through emphasizing Conservation and Education in all aspects of the Zoo.

Gifts of all sizes are important and make a difference! Please select one of the many fundraising efforts below to make a donation to what matters most to you.


Meet Your Neighbors

You may be surprised to know that you share your backyard with North American black bears, golden eagles, bobcats and other native species.  Alabama ranks fifth in the nation for plant and animal biodiversity. However, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service lists over 100 species as endangered or threatened in our state.  But, YOU can help stop this decline.  Your gift in support of the Birmingham Zoo’s Alabama Wilds new cougar and bobcat habitat will make a difference.

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Asian Passage


The Zoo’s Asian Passage and Arrival Experience capital campaign has completed Phase 1 and Phase 2. Phase 2, which opened June 2019 is a welcoming new entrance, membership office, the Hugh Kaul Plaza, the Altec/Styslinger Learning Center and event rental spaces.

Phase 3, which will include the renovation of the existing Predator building, is being designed to highlight the following Asian species:  Malayan tiger, Komodo dragon, Sumatran orangutans, red pandas, Pallas’s cats and fishing cats, as well as other Asian species.  Phase 3 is projected to open 2021-2022.

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Alabama Wilds

Other future capital projects include the renovation of the flamingo habitat, including an interactive guest experience, which is expected to be completed by late 2019 or early 2020.  Within the Alabama Wilds area of the Zoo will be the new golden eagle habitat and an impressive new bobcat and cougar habitat.

Funding is needed for capital projects and improvements like these.  Please consider making a gift toward the Zoo’s capital projects. Thank you for inspiring passion to conserve the natural world.

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The Birmingham Zoo partakes in conservation globally, nationally and locally through its Passion into Conservation Action (PiCA) program, Species Survival Plan (SSP)®, and protecting endangered animals. The PiCA program encourages Birmingham Zoo employees to continue their education through research and study opportunities around the world. The Zoo participates in the SSP which maintains a healthy and genetically diverse animal population within the zoo community. By taking part in this, the Zoo increases the population of endangered animals through carefully controlled breeding programs. The Zoo also preserves endangered species by allowing the public to learn more about them and the actions required to save them. Your support of conservation allows the Zoo to continue its conservation research and encourage growth of endangered animal populations.

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Spire ZooSchool is an interdisciplinary experience in which Birmingham City School seventh graders use the Zoo as an outdoor classroom. Students learn about species survival (science), world-wide cultures as they relate to the animals (social studies) and using technology to learn about the scientific and engineering research involved in sustaining species populations (science, technology, engineering, math and English language).

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Animal Care

Even Zoo animals may need to see the doctor! The Birmingham Zoo’s animals are under constant veterinary care to help prevent disease and injury or to diagnose and heal. Annually, there are numbers births and hatchings at the Birmingham Zoo. Throughout this time for both the mother and her offspring, the Animal Departments and Animal Health Center must provide exceptional care to ensure survival. Donations to Animal Care will allow the Zoo to stay up-to-date on medical research, purchase new equipment and provide general care supplies.

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General Support

With your generous gift, YOU will “Inspire Passion to Conserve the Natural World.” Donate to the General Support fund and the Zoo will use the gift where it is needed most. Your gift will fund general Zoo maintenance and animal care through specialized care and research.

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Additional Ways to Help Your Zoo

  • Adopt-An-Animal – For more information, click here.
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  • Help the Zoo while you shop – The Birmingham Zoo has two ways that you can help raise funds while you shop: Planet Fundraiser and Amazon Smile. Download the app and start shopping.
  • Corporate Partnership – For more information, click here.


*Thank you for your gift in helping the Birmingham Zoo to continue to further its mission! If you have questions concerning donations, or if you would like to learn more about the many opportunities that we offer to further support the Zoo, please contact the Development Office at 205.397.3856.

The Birmingham Zoo, Inc. Donor Policy: The Birmingham Zoo, Inc. recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of the individuals and organizations maintained in our database. Personal Information gathered by our organization is kept in confidence. Safeguards are in place to ensure that donor records are not disclosed or shared with outside parties. The Birmingham Zoo only collects identifying information for specific purposes relating to initiatives and campaigns. We uphold high standards in maintaining data accuracy and ensuring the appropriate use of information.