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At any given time, approximately 550 animals of 180 species call the 122-acre Birmingham Zoo home, including sea lions, elephants, bears, flamingos, and endangered species from six continents. For a current list of all species in our collection, see our Animal List.

Animals are cared for daily by a dedicated staff of curators, zoological managers, and keepers at the Birmingham Zoo. These professionals provide well-maintained environments that reflect their natural habitats. They also work hard “enriching” animals’ lives to make life more interesting and less predictable. Keepers may place food inside “puzzles” for animals, spread an unusual scent in a habitat, or train animals in new behavior as a form of enrichment.

Our Animal Nutrition Center prepares balanced diets for animals in the collection and our Animal Health Center provides expert veterinary care.

In accordance with the Association of Zoos & Aquariums Species Survival Plans, animals may be sent to and from other zoos to manage the genetic viability of designated captive animal populations.

All photographs on are of animals in their habitats at the Birmingham Zoo.


Many of the animals at the Birmingham Zoo are available for adoption support. The Adopt-An-Animal Program is an annual support program. As a Zoo Parent, you will have the pride of knowing your gift helps to care for the animal.

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