Wake up with the Animals

August 23
7:30am- 9:30am


Don’t miss your chance to wake up with the animals during this once-in-a-lifetime experience at the Zoo. Enjoy up-close and personal animal interactions, a keeper chat in the Children’s Zoo Barn, watch a special Wildlife Show and savor a delicious breakfast of pancakes, assorted fruit, coffee and juice. After the event, you can continue to explore the Zoo and the many activities it has to offer throughout the rest of the day!

Reserve your spot online here or at the door on August 23.

$17: non-member adult (Ages 13 and up)
$14: non-member child (Ages 2-12)
$9: member adult (Ages 13 and up)
$6.50: member child (Ages 2-12)

Join Us for Vulture Awareness Day

August 30

276_7656Visit the Birmingham Zoo to celebrate International Vulture Awareness Day! The Birmingham Zoo currently has three of the world’s 23 species of vultures. Vultures are an ecologically vital group of birds that face a range of threats.  Come learn about vulture conservation and the important role vultures play in our ecosystem while enjoying a full day of events at the Birmingham Zoo!

10am – Scavenger Hunt near Zoo front entrance
10:30am – White-backed Vulture Keeper Chat near Birds
11am – Scavenger Wildlife Show at Wildlife Stage
11:45am – Cinereous Vulture Keeper Chat at Kiwanis Giraffe Encounter
12pm – Vulture “Vomit” Making to Ward Off Predators Activity at Kiwanis Giraffe Encounter
1:30pm – Black Vulture Keeper Chat at Activity Yard in Children’s Zoo

Enjoy Labor Day Weekend at the Zoo

August 30-September 1

splash padsCome to the Zoo this holiday weekend and take advantage of the Birmingham Zoo’s many activities! Visit the animals, take a ride on the Jane H. Brock Soaring Zipline Safari*, the train* and carousel*, feed the giraffes at the Kiwanis Giraffe Encounter* and cool off in the Splash Pads at the Junior League of Birmingham – Hugh Kaul Children’s Zoo! Don’t miss the thrill and excitement of the Red Diamond Sea Lion Splash Show and see the butterflies in Granny’s Butterfly Garden before the exhibit closes for the season.
*Additional cost

ZooGala 2014

To make your reservation today, please click here.


Red Diamond Coffee joins forces with the Birmingham Zoo to bring you great coffee and a Free Zoo Visit

Red Diamond Zoo CoffeeThe Birmingham Zoo has partnered with Red Diamond for an exciting limited-time offer! Purchase the specially marked 34.5 oz. can of Red Diamond ground coffee with the attached Zoo offer to receive your redeemable Zoo ticket code.

Use your code to receive one FREE adult and two FREE child admission tickets to the Zoo! This is a huge savings of $35! Great coffee and tickets to the #1 tourist attraction in Alabama is an offer that must be shared with everyone.  Enjoy!redeeem here png