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ZooKeeper for A Day

SONY DSCHave you ever dreamed of being a ZooKeeper? Here is your chance to work behind the scenes with a real ZooKeeper and discover this rich and rewarding career. You will spend the day working alongside a keeper, experiencing how to prepare animal diets, clean up, and interact with the animals. Learn about animal husbandry techniques and much more about the inner workings of the Birmingham Zoo.

  • All attendees must meet the age requirements at the time of participation.
  • Dates are limited.
  • All registrations must occur at least three weeks in advance and are based upon availability.
  • Programs are limited to one participant/program/day.
  • Please call about special requests.
Information Packet

The Birmingham Zoo has four exciting programs that offer unique behind the scenes experiences:

Children’s Zoo ZooKeeper for a Day

Ages 8 to 14 year olds

Get ready to go to work in the Children’s Zoo barn. You may be asked to lift and carry tools, animal food, hay and other items.

Please note: You will get dirty! You typically remain with the same Children’s Zookeeper during the day, while also interacting with other Children’s Zookeepers in this program.

Bird Department ZooKeeper for a Day

Ages 12 years to adults

Explore the fascinating world of birds at the Birmingham Zoo. Assist in the care of more than 80 species which reside here. Discover species you may have never before seen as help keepers care for them. By the end of the day, you’ll be sure to have some new feathery favorites.

 Reptile Department ZooKeeper for a Day

Ages 12 years to adults

Discover the amazing diversity of reptiles at the Birmingham Zoo. Assist in the care of giant Aldabra tortoises as well as the smaller reptiles in the Reptile Building. Learn all about the scaly residents from around the world as you help care for them.

Questions and Reservations

If you have questions about the Zookeeper for a Day Program, or if you would like to reserve a date, the Education Department is here to help!

Please contact us at 205-397-3864 or by email at