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Smashing Pumpkins at the Birmingham Zoo

Birmingham Zoo animals will have a smashing good time on Wednesday, October 12, 2016, when they receive pumpkins to eat, play with, roll around in, tear apart and smash.

Beginning at 10am, Zoo staff will provide the animals with seasonal munchies including pumpkins weighing more than 60 pounds. This activity serves as enrichment for the animals as a part of the Birmingham Zoo’s comprehensive program of ensuring environments and diets for animals are ever-changing and appropriately complex.

All year round, food items are hidden throughout the animals’ habitats or prepared and placed in order to stimulate natural behaviors such as foraging. “We are excited to kick-off the Halloween season at the Zoo by giving the animals holiday enrichments,” said Chris Pfefferkorn, Senior Vice President. “Seasonal fare from local Alabama producers will be distributed to animals to provide a special activity for both Zoo visitors and the animals,” said Pfefferkorn.

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