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Nightlife Programs

Would you like to experience the Birmingham Zoo at night? The Birmingham Zoo offers four exciting nightlife programs:

  • ZooSnoozes (Open Group Nights and Individual Group Nights) *New for 2016
  • Twilight Programs
  • Nocturnal Adventures
  • Evening Nocturnal Adventures

For further details and information please see our full information packet

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Questions and Reservations

If you have questions about the Nightlife Programs, or if you would like to reserve a date, the Education Department is here to help!

Please contact us at 205-397-3864 or by email at

Zoo Snooze


This overnight program allows all types of groups to experience the excitement of the Birmingham Zoo after dark.  ZooSnooze programs are perfect for Scouts, church groups, birthday parties and any other type of group. ZooSnoozes begin at 7:00pm and conclude the next morning at 7:00am.

Join the fun! Any size group from 2 people and up can register for Open Group Nights, space permitting.

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Please call to reserve your space at one of the following Open Group Night events

May 7: Girls Only, Includes evening Dino Discovery, $33/person
June 3: Family and Friends (co-ed), Includes evening Dino Discovery,$33/person
June 24: Boys Only, Includes evening Dino Discovery, $33/person
July 8: Members Only (co-ed), Includes evening Dino Discovery, $33/person

For groups of 30 or more, you may contact us to schedule an Individual Group Night

New! graphic Dino Discovery Nightlife Program Add-On!

 D.N.A.: Dinosaur Night Adventure – Nightlife Program add-on

  • Add a learning experience about dinosaurs, fossils, adaptations and more to your program. Enjoy activities and a special night tour of the Dinosaurs exhibit.
  • Cost $3/person additional to program

New! graphicSunset Safari: Expedition Dino 6-8pm

  • Sunset Safari – different areas of the Zoo
  • Join us on an evening adventure of the Zoo for the whole family. Learn what happens when the lights go out. See some of your favorite animals in a different light as you tour the Zoo and even take an evening carousel ride.
    • Expeditions Dino – What has big teeth, can weigh thousands of pounds and roars? Dinosaurs! Visit the Zoo’s dinosaur exhibit at sunset to get a new view of the prehistoric giants. Learn about the variety of dinosaurs and what makes them unique. If you are lucky, you may even get to pet one, but watch your fingers!
  • Dates
    • April 22
    • June 3
  • Cost
    • Members: $10/adult, $8/child
    • Non-Members: $12/adult, $10/child


Twilight Tour Programs

This evening program offers an intriguing view of the Birmingham Zoo’s night life. Twilight Tours are perfect for Scouts, church groups, birthday parties and any other type of group. Twilight Tours offer the evening fun of a ZooSnooze without spending the night.

Twilight Tours begin at 7:00pm and conclude at approximately 10:00pm.


Nocturnal Adventures

This overnight program is for school groups only and presents a fantastic combination of adventure and learning.  Nocturnal Adventures is an academic program that allows school groups to experience the nocturnal side of the Birmingham Zoo. Nocturnal Adventures begin at 7:00pm and conclude at 7:00am the following morning.

Evening Nocturnal Adventures

This exciting evening program for school groups only offers a unique opportunity for discovery. This is an academic program that allows school groups to experience the nocturnal side of the Birmingham Zoo in an evening program. Evening Nocturnal Adventures begin at 7pm and conclude at 10pm.

About Our Nightlife Programs

  • These programs are offered on limited dates, and fill quickly. Please register in advance to secure the reservation for your group. Registration requires a minimum of a three weeks notice, but dates often fill months in advance.
  • The Education Department can customize your program to fit your group’s unique requirements. Please let us know if you would like for us to modify your program to fit your needs.
  • All overnight participants will receive a free pass to the Birmingham Zoo. Passes are only valid for the day following the overnight program.
    (NOTE: Next-day passes are not available for Twilight Tours.)
  • Bring your own sleeping bags, pillows, tents, mats, etc. This is like camping so bring only what you can carry!
  • Evening snack time. You bring the snacks and we will provide the hot chocolate and coffee!
  • Programs are available any night of the week throughout most of the year. Check for availability.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

  • A $100 non-refundable deposit is required when scheduling a Nightlife Program.
  • If a group decides to reschedule their program; an additional $25 will be added to their initial price.
  • If for any reason the Birmingham Zoo has to cancel a group’s program, the entire deposit, as well as any other payments, will be refunded. The Birmingham Zoo will work with groups to reschedule the Nightlife Program.

The Birmingham Zoo is a facility that uses nuts and nut products for animal diet purposes. Traces of nuts or nut products may be found in areas where animal feedings are conducted and areas where Programs and Educational animal demonstrations are performed. The safety of our guests remains a top priority and the Zoo takes precautions to provide a safe environment.