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The Birmingham Zoo Welcomes Two Baby Cotton-Top Tamarins

two baby cotton top tamarins on adult tamarins back

Your Birmingham Zoo is thrilled to announce the birth of two critically endangered cotton-top tamarins!  Their births were in cooperation with a recommendation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Cotton-top Tamarin Species Survival Plan (SSP). The baby tamarins were born on May 20, 2023, to mom, Lena, and dad, Leo. They are growing up on habitat with their parents and older brother, Mani, who was born in June 2022.

Sharing the care duties to successfully raise two babies is common in cotton-top tamarin families. Leo is a fantastic father and is most often seen carrying the babies on his back throughout the day, but the family all snuggles together in the evening. Mani, the older brother, is learning from this experience and has had a chance to carry his siblings for short periods under the watchful eye of the adult tamarins.

Cotton-top tamarin babies are around 35g when born but grow quickly. As early as three weeks they might start tasting solid foods and testing their balance on tree limbs. Cotton-top tamarins are hands-on in raising their babies to ensure they learn the proper behaviors to help them develop their own families in the future.

Because the parents are taking great care of the babies, the animal care staff has been hands-off. However, as they begin climbing around more independently, we will get to know their sex and their personalities too. Guests are invited to visit the tamarin family and watch these new additions grow this season.

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