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Birmingham Zoo hosts ECHO 23 Conference

The Birmingham Zoo is honored to host this year’s ECHO 23 conference. This two-day event will bring together 57 leaders from zoos and aquariums across the nation to discuss the future of these institutions and their innovative conservation efforts.

ECHO 23, organized by GLMV Architecture, provides a unique space for industry leaders to explore challenges and opportunities through the lens of non-zoological experts. Leaders will collaborate directly with zoos and aquariums to identify and test new approaches to preserving the natural world and communicate findings to the broader zoo and aquarium community so that these institutions can learn from each other and continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in conservation.

Throughout this two-day conference, leaders will engage and encourage the group with thought-provoking and diverse perspectives to form new relationships and improve animal welfare. Zoos and Aquariums play a vital role in the advancement of science and the protection of biodiversity. They are leaders in animal husbandry, and their work is essential to the future of wildlife conservation. The Birmingham Zoo is honored to be able to support the advancement of these institutions and is committed to helping them connect with their communities and promote their missions.

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