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Birmingham Zoo Hosts Animal Wellness Workshop

Last week, the Birmingham Zoo hosted staff from other zoos and aquariums from across the nation for the Growing Your Animal Wellbeing Program Workshop.

Led by Hollie Colahan, Birmingham Zoo’s Deputy Director, and long-time Zoo executive and consultant Sharon Joseph, this interactive workshop brought 26 participants from 15 different institutions together for three full days of instruction around scientific concepts and practical tools for providing animals in zoos and aquariums with optimal wellbeing.

With a focus on Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Accreditation Standards, building interdisciplinary animal wellbeing programs, developing assessment tools, and strengthening the interpersonal skills necessary for program success, the workshop included lectures, group discussions, and interactive activities out in the Zoo.

The workshop provided a focus on how important caretaker wellbeing is to the well-being of the animals we care for and how culture and values can contribute to animal wellbeing advocacy throughout an organization, beyond animal care staff. Hollie and Sharon have conducted similar workshops in Denver, Atlanta, and Albuquerque for professional colleagues.

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