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Birmingham Zoo to Unveil New Nature Inspired Miniature Vulcans on Parade Statue

This week, the Birmingham Zoo will reveal a new miniature Vulcan statue as part of the “Vulcans on Parade” community art project. A representative from Vulcan Park and Museum will be the guest speaker at the unveiling on Thursday, August 31 at 5:30pm in the Junior League of Birmingham – Hugh Kaul Children’s Zoo at the Birmingham Zoo. The event is open to the media.

The “Vulcans on Parade” project began as a part of the 2015 Project Corporate Leadership class, which has since morphed into the new Junior Leadership Board of Vulcan Park and Museum. “We are happy to partner with our friends at Vulcan Park and Museum and are excited to tie two of Birmingham’s greatest attractions together and to promote our wonderful city through this initiative,” said Kerry Graves, Birmingham Zoo VP, Marketing and Sales.

The Birmingham Zoo’s “Indigenous Vulcan” mini-Vulcan statue was created by local artist Rhandie Weaver. Its design is inspired by nature and is unique to previous unveiled mini-Vulcan statues because of its mosaic designs created with glass. The Indigenous Vulcan statue was made possible by the Protective Life Foundation.

Local businesses, communities, or individuals who would like to get involved in the project can learn more by emailing