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Back by popular demand from children and adults alike!

The Adopt-An-Animal program directly benefits the animals, with all proceeds going toward the care of the animals at the Birmingham Zoo. You can help make a difference by supporting any animal for one year through the Adopt-An-Animal program. The animal you choose will remain at the Zoo, receiving proper care and enjoying the many visitors! As a Zoo Parent, you will have the pride of knowing your gift helps to care for the animal.

For a list of animals included in the Zoo’s Adopt-An-Animal program, CLICK HERE.

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Give the Gift of an Animal Adoption Today!

Animal adoptions make terrific gifts for your favorite animal lover and are perfect for many occasions: holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and more.

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Adopt-An-Animal Levels

$25 AdoptionGo Green!
Receive a printable adoption certificate, photo of animal and animal fact sheet via email. (All items will be emailed to the animal parent’s and/or gift giver’s email address provided. Email must be provided to receive packet at this level.)

$35 Adoption – Animal Supporter
Packet includes a personalized adoption certificate and an animal fact sheet

$50 Adoption - Animal Advocate
Packet includes all of the above benefits plus a 5×7 color photo of the animal

$100 Adoption - Animal Keeper
Packet includes all of the above benefits plus a plush animal and subscription to Animal Tracks

$250 Adoption – Animal Ambassador
Packet includes all of the above benefits plus a one-time use family of four pass to the Zoo with 4 train tickets

$500 Adoption - Animal Protector
Packet includes all of the above plus a special tour with Keeper Staff

April Animal of the Month: Grant’s Zebra

Grant's Zebra

Meet the Zoo’s Grant’s Zebra!

Become a Zoo parent and adopt the Zoo’s Grant’s Zebra! The Grant’s Zebra is characterized by its unique pattern of black and white stripes that cover the body and continue down to their hooves. The Grant’s Zebra stands about 50 inches tall at the shoulder with an average weight of 500 to 600 pounds.

Did you know that a Zebra’s pregnancy lasts about a year? The offspring can stand within a few minutes, run within an hour and begin grazing on grass within a week.

The Birmingham Zoo’s Grant’s Zebras can be visited near the Savanna yard at the Birmingham Zoo. Your gift of parenting the Grant’s Zebra (or any other Zoo animal) is more than a donation—all proceeds directly impact the animals. Help make a difference in conservation and adopt one of the Zoo’s Grant’s Zebras today!


Adopt-An-Animal Guidelines:

  • In return for your support, you will receive the sponsorship package that accompanies that particular level.
  • All sponsorship animals are available to an unlimited amount of sponsors.
  • Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, your chosen animal may no longer be available for sponsorship.
  • All donations to the Adopt-An-Animal program support the Birmingham Zoo conservation work and are partially tax-deductible.

Click here to adopt an animal online now!

If you would prefer not to make a donation online, please print the Adopt-An-Animal form and mail it or bring it into the Zoo at your convenience.

Please note the processing time for the Adopt-An-Animal package is 10 to 14 days.

If you have questions or need assistance with your animal adoption, please call 205.879.0409 (ext. 224).