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Cougar/Bobcat in Alabama Wilds

Meet Your Neighbors. Protect their Future.

We invite you to meet your neighbors…the wild ones in your backyard and in your woods! Alabama is one of the nation’s top five most ecologically diverse states. Your Zoo Inspires Passion to Conserve the Natural World by engaging children and all visitors with face-to-face encounters with the mammals, birds and insects that are unique to Alabama.

A trip along the Alabama Wilds trail gives you up-close views of many animals that make our state unique. With habitats for black bears, golden eagles, bobcats, owls, hawks, river otters, and more, Alabama Wilds allows you to learn more about the wildlife in your backyard, especially about the importance of safeguarding native animals from endangerment or extinction.

Our Neighbors Need Your Support

Alabama risks losing species and biodiversity. Visitors to the Alabama Wilds will learn about human-wildlife conflict, habitat loss, and how the choices we make affect the many beautiful animals that contribute to Alabama’s unique biodiversity.

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Asian Passage

Join us on a journey through Asia.

Your Birmingham Zoo is creating a habitat featuring Asian animal species including Malayan tiger, Sumatran orangutan, and Komodo dragon.  Become immersed in landscapes ranging from tropical Indonesian rainforests to frigid central highlands of the Himalayas as you learn about the challenges facing the species that live there.

Your Zoo will demonstrate why conservation efforts are critical and how you can support threatened and endangered animals. Caring individuals, like you, are vital to creating this new, fascinating and educational destination.


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Passage campaign today!


Contact Stephanie Brooks to donate at or 205.909.4480



Funding is needed for capital projects and improvements like these.  Please consider making a gift toward the Zoo’s capital projects. Thank you for inspiring passion to conserve the natural world.