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Capital Needs

Your Zoo’s next phase will create a new, 2-acre Asian Passage exhibit, addressing the critical need for renovation of the existing (60 year old!) Predator Building.

We need your support to build the new Asian Passage!


Asian Passage

Phase 3 of the Asian Passage campaign will transform the current Predator building into a home for animals, such as the red panda, Komodo dragon and a variety of other species.  Upon entering the Asian Passage habitat, guests will be transported and have their senses ignited by the architecture, music, art and of course, the animals themselves.  These habitat changes will allow our Sumatran orangutans to have greater access to outdoors, create a stunning home for a Malayan tiger and improve visitors’ viewing areas to observe Animal Care Professionals and the species in their care.



Alabama Wilds

We invite you to meet your neighbors…the wild ones in your backyard and in your woods! Alabama is one of the nation’s top five most ecologically diverse states. As the Predator building is transformed into the Asian Passage, these animals will need new homes in the Alabama Wilds.  Your contribution will help build new habitats for golden eagles, cougar and bobcat.


Funding is needed for capital projects and improvements like these.  Please consider making a gift toward the Zoo’s capital projects. Thank you for inspiring passion to conserve the natural world.