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Capital Needs

Your Zoo’s $18.6 million capital campaign is building a new front entrance, plaza and park area. Our next phase will create a new, 2-acre Asian Passage exhibit, addressing the critical need for renovation of the existing (60 year old!) Predator Building. We need your support to build the new Asian Passage!


The New Asian Passage

The Zoo’s Asian Passage and Arrival Experience capital campaign has completed Phase 1 and Phase 2 will open soon.  Phase 1, Henley Park, opened in 2017.  Phase 2 is a beautiful and welcoming new entrance, featuring a large gift shop, membership office, the Hugh Kaul Plaza, the Altec/Styslinger Learning Center, first aid station, modern restrooms, administrative offices and event rental spaces.  Phase 3, which will include the renovation of the existing Predator building, is being designed to highlight the following Asian species:  Malayan tiger, Komodo dragon, Sumatran orangutans, red pandas, Pallas’s cats, fishing cats, as well as other Asian species.  Phase 3 is projected to open 2021-2022.

Other future capital projects include the renovation of the flamingo habitat, including an interactive guest experience.  Within the Alabama Wilds area of the Zoo will be the new golden eagle habitat, a thrilling new ropes course allowing guests to view the area from the tree canopy above, and an impressive new bobcat and cougar habitat.

Funding is needed for capital projects and improvements like these.  Please consider making a gift toward the Zoo’s capital projects. Thank you for inspiring passion to conserve the natural world.


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Campaign Chair

Dixon Brooke, Jr.

Campaign Cabinet

Charlie Adams

Robert Aland

Jack Darnall

Austin Davis

Joseph D. DuMontier

Raymond J. Harbert, Jr.

Holman Head

John A. Lacey

David M. Loper

Lee McKinney

Guy Mitchell III

Wally Nall III

James L. Priester

Steve R. Spencer

John Steiner

Michael D. Thompson

Jesse S. Vogtle, Jr.

Thacher Worthen

Honorary Committee Chairs

Jane H. Brock

Julia and Tom Crawford, Jr.

Sandra and Don Logan


Walker Jones

Craft O’Neal

Lee J. Styslinger III