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ZooKeeper For A Day

ZooKeeper For A Day

Zookeeper For A Day Programs will return Spring 2023.

Please check back for more updates as they become available.

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Have you ever dreamed of being a ZooKeeper?


Here is your chance to work behind the scenes with a real ZooKeeper and discover this rich and rewarding career. You will spend the day working alongside a keeper, experiencing how to prepare animal diets, clean up, and interact with the animals. Learn about animal husbandry techniques and much more about the inner workings of the Birmingham Zoo.

  • All attendees must meet the age requirements at the time of participation.
  • Dates are limited.
  • All registrations must occur at least three weeks in advance and are based upon availability.
  • Programs are limited to one participant/program/day.
  • Please call about special requests.

ZooKeeper Information Packet


Explore the world of zookeepers as you work behind the scenes to help care for animals across the Zoo. 

You will spend the day shadowing and working alongside keepers.  Experience how to prepare food, clean exhibits and interact with the animals.  Learn about animal husbandry techniques, the inner workings of a Zoo and much more.


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ZooKeeper Programs

Bird Department Zookeeper for a Day

Ages 9 years to adults

Explore the fascinating world of birds at the Birmingham Zoo.  Assist in the care of some of the more than 80 species of birds which reside here.  Discover species you may have never before seen as you help keepers care for them.  By the end of the day, you’ll be sure to have some new feathery favorites.

Level 2: Children’s Zoo & Ambassador Animals ZooKeeper for a Day

Ages 12 years to adults

Dive into the work of a Zookeeper in this exciting new experience.   You will have an opportunity to work in 2 different Departments during your day as you learn about the care of animals from goats to otters and beyond.  Experience cleaning, food preparation, training, enrichment and more in this fun, one of a kind day.

Level 3: Africa, Birds & Ambassador Animals ZooKeeper for a Day

Ages 16 years to adults

Put your work boots on and explore the work of zookeepers.  Help clean the areas of the Africa Department (giraffes, rhinos, etc.) and learn how the zoo cares for these unique animals.   You will have an opportunity to work in up to 3 different Departments as you step into the day in the life of a Zookeeper.  *Animal areas may include Africa, Birds and Ambassador Animals Departments.

*Actual activities and animal areas may differ dependent upon daily schedule and animal needs and may not be guaranteed.

For more information about Zoo Keeper for a Day programs, please contact us at