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Super Science Saturdays

Become an investigator as you complete fun experiments and explore the Zoo to learn about animal adaptations, from how birds fly to why zebras have stripes!  During this two hour program participants will be able to observe, question and discover the science behind the features of some of their favorite Zoo animals.


$15/member/class or $90/member for the series of 6 classes

$20/non-member/class* or $120/non-member for the series of 6 classes*


9-11 years old

Minimum of 8/ Maximum of 15




April 7: Science of Fur, Feathers and Scales

Explore the differences in body coverings of animals with an up close view.   Use microscopes and observation skills to study samples and compare animals.

May 5: Science of Color

Investigate the variety of colors and patterns in animals.  Discover the variety of warning colors, camouflage and colors to attract.

June 2: Science of Flight

What do birds, bees and airplanes have in common.  They all fly.  Explore the world of flight and discover how it is possible for birds, planes and other objects to soar through the air.

July 7: Herpetologist: Reptiles

Explore the fascinating world of the slithery and scaly.   Discover the unique characteristics of reptiles and choose your favorite.

September 8: Zoologist: Mammals

Become a zoologist while you explore the diversity of mammals and their characteristics.  Compare mammals using skulls, bones and teeth to learn about their fascinating adaptations.

To register call 205.397.3877

* Birmingham Zoo admission not included.