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Night Keeper Experience

Our 4 day hands-on class explores all aspects of caring for animals at the Birmingham Zoo and gives participants the opportunity to learn directly from our Night Keepers. Participants will help keepers feed evening diets, participate in training sessions, create enrichment items for our animals, explore what it takes to create animal habitats that promote the health and welfare for our residents – and much more! Class also includes one admission with unlimited ride wristband for the student to return to the Zoo during the day and see animals that we may have missed.

Members  $225
Non-members  $250



Open to 5th – 8th graders

Monday, March 9 – Thursday, March 12

4:30pm – 6:00pm

Minimum of 8/Maximum of 15


Monday, March 9: Introduction to Zookeeping

Flamingoes, goats and turtles?  Find out how keepers care for the variety of animals at the Zoo.  Get hands on experience as you help the keepers with basic tasks and get a chance to meet some of the animals.

Tuesday, March 10: Nutrition and Enrichment

Ever wondered what the Zoo’s animals eat?  Visit the lorikeets with some of their favorite treats.   You will also have a chance to create enrichment items and see the animals enjoy and destroy your hard work.

Wednesday, March 11: Training

Animals at the Zoo receive training for a variety of reasons, and you can see it in action!  Watch and learn how animals are trained and you may even get an opportunity to train a friend.

Thursday, March 12: Conservation

Learn about the variety of wildlife that call Alabama home and ways that you can help protect them.   Explore the Zoo to learn about the wild animals that live here and help the keepers create homes for them.


Additional Forms

Education Class Sign In/Out Form: Once registered, complete this form and bring it to the first day of camp.

Education Class Request to Self-Medicate Form: For campers needing to take medication, please complete this form and follow the instructions to send it to the Education Department.


If you have questions about the Animal Ed-venture classes, or you’re having trouble with registration, the Education Department is here to help! Please call 205-397-3877 or send an email to

Allergy Information

The Birmingham Zoo is a facility that uses nuts and nut products for animal diet purposes. Traces of nuts or nut products may be found in areas where animal feedings are conducted and areas where Programs and Educational animal demonstrations are performed. The safety of our guests remains a top priority and the Zoo takes precautions to provide a safe environment.

In the Education Programs Department, safety precautions include:

  • Teachers are trained to recognize the physical characteristics that indicate an allergic reaction is occurring and proper responses to take when a student has a reaction.
  • Teachers are trained to properly use EpiPen.
  • Teachers will not offer students any food containing nuts or nut products and all students will be discouraged from bringing snacks/lunches containing nuts or nut products.
  • Teachers will ensure that no nuts or nut products are used as any part of class activities (not involving a live animal demonstrations).