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Citizen Science

One year after the 50th anniversary of Earth Day was greeted by global shutdowns, things are looking brighter for those in search of opportunities to be involved in community projects, nature celebrations, and conservation work. Deemed the Citizen Science Month, April includes Earth Day, Environmental Education week, and Party for the Planet events at many […]

Animals Up Close for Artists

By: Roger Torbert, VP of Education   “It looks velvety”, “Almost like a synthetic fiber”, “Like embroidery floss, maybe?” These were some of the responses from Bob Jones andJames Clemens Art class students while looking at a peacock tail feather magnified 5x. Animals up Close for Artists was a specialty Zoo Lab held for two […]

Birmingham Zoo Partners with UNA for Educational Journey

By: Roger Torbert, VP of Education   As part of the Birmingham Zoo’s Strategic Plan Goal to Foster Partnerships with Educators and other Educational Organizations, the Education Department has collaborated with the University of North Alabama to create a unique study abroad program for education majors. In July of 2018, Roger Torbert, Vice President for […]