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 NIGHTLIFE PROGRAM : ZooSnooze . Experience the Zoo in a whole new light! . This one of a kind overnight program allows all types of families and groups to experience the excitement of the Birmingham Zoo after dark. Bring your tent to spend the night in the Children’s Zoo and participate in fun evening activities while you learn more about the Zoo’s animals. . TIME 7pm - 9am . DATES March 22 / April 5 / April 12 . *Any size group from 2 people and up can register. Minimum age is 5 years old. **Spaces are limited so register today! . TO REGISTER: Call 205.397.3877 MORE INFO & FULL SCHEDULE . #BhamZoo #BirminghamZoo
 AFRICAN LION: Some of you may have seen a recent video, or been to the Zoo and seen Kwanza, our male lion, limping. Kwanza is starting to show his age, and at 14 years old he’s not a young cub anymore. We thank everyone for their concern! A recent exam showed a narrowing of the space between vertebrae in his neck, which can affect the nerves of his front leg, causing the limp. We are treating it with medication and cold laser therapy to reduce inflammation. In addition, we are tracking Kwanza’s kidney values over time due to his kidney disease, which is common in aged exotic and domestic cats. Birmingham Zoo’s Animal Care Professionals and veterinary team will continue to monitor Kwanza continuously and provide him with the best care and attention worthy of this majestic and much-loved cat. . #AfricanLion #BhamZoo #BirminghamZoo  Animal Care Professional in Predators, Scott K.
 🤗❤️ WE HOPE EVERYONE HAD A FANTASTIC VALENTINE'S DAY! A special Thank You to everyone who came to the Zoo today to watch our animals enjoy their holiday themed enrichment activities! We had a blast! Make sure to check out our previous posts. .  Our Three-Banded Armadillo and Ambassador Animal, named Arlo, is sending you off with a sweet holiday gesture and a smile! . #ThreeBandedArmadillo #BhamZoo #BirminghamZoo  Zoo Educator in Education, Kate D.
 ❤️ VALENTINE'S DAY ENRICHMENT: Our African Elephants received their holiday themed enrichment in the form of tasty cantaloupe  . #AfricanElephant #BhamZoo #BirminghamZoo  Zoo Education Department
 ❤️ VALENTINE'S DAY ENRICHMENT: Sharing is caring! Our Red River Hogs, named Star, Spangle and Banner, are enjoying their holiday themed enrichment...#WhatsInHere . #RedRiverHog #BhamZoo #BirminghamZ  Zoo Education Department
 ❤️ VALENTINE'S DAY ENRICHMENT: When you get excited about your Valentine's gift...that you were expecting anyway  . #Coyote #BhamZoo #BirminghamZoo  Zoo Education Department
  VALENTINE'S DAY ENRICHMENT: When you've been waiting allll day to get into that big box of chocolates! Our Red Fox, Scarlet, shows you how it's done!  . ❤️ Mission accomplished! Red Fox in the box! . #RedFox #BhamZoo #BirminghamZoo  &  Animal Care Professional in Children's Zoo, Allison M.
 ❤️ HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY from our Zoo family to yours! .  Our Red Pandas, Parker & Sorrel, are interacting with red roses and smelling the scents. Stay tuned for more posts featuring our holiday themed enrichment activities! . #RedPanda #BhamZoo #BirminghamZoo  Animal Care Professional in Predators, Scott K.