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 🤗 PEEKABOO! Meet Maisy, the newest member of our Zoo family! . Maisy is a North American River Otter who is settling into her new home nicely! She is known by her Keepers to have a bold personality, be very mischievous and investigates everything. Maisy is very vocal, playful, seems to love attention and interacting with people! Make sure to visit Maisy and our Otter family at their habitat in Alabama Wilds! . The Birmingham Zoo is now home to a total of 3 North American River Otters: Slim, our only male, age 7 with Lenora, our 16 year old female and Maisy, our 1.5 year old female! . #NorthAmericanRiverOtter #bhamzoo #birminghamzoo  Animal Care Professional, Allison M.
  ZOOLIGHT SAFARI presented by Wells Fargo is COMING! Join us for another magical holiday season as twinkling lights illuminate the Zoo for a dazzling 19 nights! . WHEN December 7 – 9 December 14 – 23 December 26 – 31 . TIME 5:00 – 9:00pm . WHERE Birmingham Zoo . For more information and to purchase tickets, VISIT
  Animal Photography Master Class : Saturday, November 17 @ 8:00am - 3:00pm . Photography enthusiasts from beginners to experts are invited to join professional wildlife photographer Lindsay Donald for a special photography workshop focusing on a variety of zoo animals. Learn special tricks of the trade to capture striking images of animals at the Birmingham Zoo as well as native animals in your own backyard. . Led by professional wildlife photographer Lindsay Donald . REGISTER NOW at . #Aracari #GetYourZooOn #bhamzoo #birminghamzoo
 ONWARD TO NEW ADVENTURES! One of the Birmingham Zoo’s Reticulated Female Giraffe, named Keyara, has moved to a new home with another AZA accredited organization where she can join a new herd. . Keyara was born January 17, 2010 at Oklahoma City Zoological Park and came to the Birmingham Zoo in April of 2011. Zoo Animal Care Professionals and staff from all departments have been fortunate to watch her grow, mature and flourish. Keyara is a very intelligent animal who enjoyed participating in training sessions and loved engaging with Zoo visitors during Kiwanis Giraffe Encounters. Her favored foods include apple, banana and zucchini and she absolutely loves wax myrtle. Keyara is a favorite to many Animal Care Professionals, volunteers, guests and staff at the Birmingham Zoo. Keyara will be greatly missed by her entire Birmingham Zoo family and we are especially excited for her new future and adventures! . **The Birmingham Zoo joins the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) in maintaining Species Survival Plan® Programs (SSP), cooperative breeding and conservation initiatives. The Birmingham Zoo is the only AZA accredited Zoo in the state of Alabama and takes pride in being a part of the conservation of wildlife and wild places. Species Survival Plan® Programs align with the Zoo’s mission of Inspiring Passion to Conserve the Natural World. . #ReticulatedGiraffe #Giraffe #bhamzoo #birminghamzoo
  TONIGHT is our Wildlife Photography Exhibit : Meet & Greet @ 5:30-7:30pm! In conjunction with our current wildlife photography exhibition, we welcome you to a meet & greet for award winning wildlife photographer Lindsay Donald! VISIT . #bhamzoo #birminghamzoo
  SPECIAL SATURDAYS! NOVEMBER 10 : Join us to learn about Elephants! . Special Saturdays is a series of fun zoo-based learning experiences for children and adolescents with cognitive or physical disabilities whose opportunities for engagement in community programs might otherwise be limited. . Register online at or call 205.397.3864 . #AfricanElephant #bhamzoo #birminghamzoo  @mindy_rohr
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Carlito, our Giant Anteater! Make sure you visit him on your next trip to the Zoo! .  FUN FACTS : Anteaters are edentate animals, meaning they have no teeth. But their long tongues are more than sufficient to lap up the 35,000 ants and termites they swallow whole each day. The giant anteater can reach 7 feet long from the tip of its snout to the end of its tail! . #GiantAnteater #bhamzoo #birminghamzoo  Animal Care Professional, Sam C.  @gwstaley  Animal Care Professional, Scott K.
 🦏 Today is a great day to wallow in the mud! Visit the Zoo to watch our Southern White Rhino, Ajabu, show you how it's done!  .  FUN FACTS: The white rhino ranks as the third largest land animal, behind the Asian and African elephants. They often take mudbaths that help regulate their body temperature and maintain the condition of their skin. . #SouthernWhiteRhino #WhiteRhino #bhamzoo #birminghamzoo  @bridgetleigh21