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 Zoo, Brews and Full Moon Bar-B-Que is only a day away! Join us tomorrow, Saturday, June 16 and enjoy drinks from over 20 breweries from all over Alabama and the southeast. Make sure to purchase your tickets at #bhamzoo
 It’s #transformationtuesday and #turkeytuesday again at the Birmingham Zoo and the turkey poults are continuing to grow! On sunny days, they’ll spread their wings to soak up the sun. Visit the Children’s Zoo Barn to see them in action!
 The Zoo’s newest Animal Ambassadors, Jasper and Quinton, the Virginia Opossums, made their tv debut today with our friends at @wbrcnews! You can meet a variety of the Zoo’s Ambassador Animals at Zoo, Brews and Full Moon Bar-B-Que at the Zoo on June 16!
 We have over 20 breweries joining us for Zoo, Brews and @fullmoonbbq this year! Be sure to get your tickets in advance to skip the lines!
 Happy World Otter Day! The Birmingham Zoo is home to Lara and Karina, Giant River Otters, and Lenora and Slim, North American River Otters. Both of these species of otter play important roles in their environments. Giant otters are keystone species for South America river systems. A keystone species is one that plays a critical role in the way their ecosystem functions. Without that species, the ecosystem would be dramatically different or cease to exist at all. North American river otters are what we call an “indicator species.” This means that if there is evidence of otters living in a body of water then that body of water is likely very healthy and clean. If there is no evidence of otters in a body of water it could mean that the body of water has been polluted or is unhealthy. You can help be the change in protecting otters by not throwing any kind of trash, fertilizers, or poisons into any body of water, and by using the Seafood Watch guide. This guide recommends foods to buy or avoid, helping people select items fished or farmed in ways with the least amount of negative impact on the environment. Check out for more information. #worldotterday
 Summer hours are here! Enjoy two extra hours of Zoo fun on Saturdays and Sundays (9am-7pm) all summer long!
 Don't forget! In honor of Memorial Day weekend, the Zoo is giving FREE admission to veterans as well as all active and retired military and their dependents. Bring your proof of military service (military ID card, dependent ID card, driver’s license, etc.) to take part in all the fun the Zoo has to offer. (May 26-28 only)
 Craft beers, @fullmoonbbq, live music, animals and more! Join us for the 4th annual Zoo, Brews and Full Moon Bar-B-Que event at the Birmingham Zoo on Saturday, June 16!