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Birmingham Zoo Statement of Support to Our Community

The Birmingham Zoo is supported by phenomenal people from different races, nationalities, cultures, ages, genders, sexual orientations, political beliefs, religious beliefs, languages, and abilities. Our differences make us unique. Our differences have more power to bring us together than to pull us apart.

In light of the current moment in our country, it is imperative that our supporters and community know where we stand…beside you, hand in hand. Your Birmingham Zoo pursues new ideas and welcomes all people to help inspire passion and drive change for the natural world. We put our hearts and minds to work to create an environment where everyone is accepted and valued.

Now more than ever, your Birmingham Zoo is here to support you. The impact of social and racial injustice in our community affects all of us directly and indirectly. As we reimagine and work together towards a better and more unified future, we recognize the need to listen, have empathy, and show compassion.

Our organization is fueled by the vision to create a global community where all people value wildlife and wild places. We stand firm in denouncing bigotry, hate, and racism in all its forms. Prejudicial attitudes and discriminatory behavior are neither welcomed nor tolerated. We embrace ideals that celebrate dignity, diversity, and inclusion in a world where every person is seen, heard, and respected.

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