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Christmas Tree Recycling at the Birmingham Zoo

In partnership with the City of Mountain Brook


The time has come for Christmas tree recycling at the Zoo! Each year the Birmingham Zoo partners with the City of Mountain Brook’s Forestry Division as a designated Christmas tree recycling site. This year of 2019, will mark the 12th year that the Birmingham Zoo, City of Mountain Brook, visitors and residents have worked together to recycle Christmas trees.

Starting now through January 11, visitors and residents can drop off their trees during normal business hours on Zoo grounds. The Zoo has a designated tree drop area that is accessible through the construction entrance on Cahaba Road.

Christmas tree recycling is very popular as the Zoo receives hundreds of trees every year from visitors and residents in the area. The trees are chipped, shredded and made into mulch that is then spread throughout Zoo grounds to control runoff and erosion.

The natural Christmas tree recycling program promotes conservation, which is true to the Zoo’s mission of Inspiring Passion to Conserve the Natural World. The program not only facilitates the importance of recycling, but is also a wonderful opportunity for the City and your Zoo to partake in a green initiative.

Everyone is actively participating in conservation! Everyone is impacting our local area in a positive way!

The Zoo recommends that all trees be natural and not artificial. Trees need to be clean and decoration-free without garlands or stands. Don’t worry about the size of the tree—small to large, short and tall are all welcome!


Click here for Christmas Tree Recycling press release.