Zoo Map

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Download a copy of our Zoo map to review our park layout and plan your visit ahead of time.

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Find It Here!

  • Stroller/Wheelchair Rental & ATM – Available in the gift shop just inside the entrance.
  • Handicapped Access – We recommend that visitors with physical challenges pick up an Accessibility Guide from Visitor Services on how best to enjoy a day at the zoo.
  • Lost Parents, First Aid, Lost and Found – Located at Visitor Services, next to the front entrance of the Gift Shop.
  • Baby Changing Areas – Available in all restrooms. A private room for nursing mothers is available at the Primate building.
  • Tokens – Train and carousel tokens are sold at the front gate or ride locations. Check today’s schedule for operating hours. All riders must be dry.

Single Stroller: $8*
Double Stroller: $10*
Wheelchair: $10*
Electric Scooter: $22*
*Plus tax