Animal List


Full List of Animals at the Birmingham Zoo

For a list of animals included in the Zoo’s Adopt-an-Animal program, click here.


Elegant crested tinamou

Common ostrich

Southern cassowary

Brush turkey

Helmeted guineafowl

Wild turkey

Indian blue quail

Crested wood partridge

Bamboo partridge

Common peafowl

Southern screamer


Black swan

Black-necked swan

Mute swan

Cinnamon teal


Marbled teal


African pygmy goose

Ruddy duck

Chilean flamingo

American flamingo

Wood stork

White stork

Saddle-billed stork

Roseate spoonbill

American white pelican

Black vulture

Cinereous vulture

Golden eagle

Red-tailed hawk

Red-shouldered hawk

African white-backed vulture

Weber’s Lorikeet

Secretary bird

Kori bustard

Buff-crested bustard


Buff-banded rail

Black-crowned crane

White-naped crane

Sandhill crane

Red-crowned crane

Blue crane

Cape thick-knee

Peruvian thick-knee

Masked Lapwing

Blacksmith plover

Nicobar pigeon

Speckled pigeon

Pied imperial pigeon

White-throated ground dove

Victoria crowned pigeon

Pheasant pigeon

Jambu fruit dove

Black-naped fruit dove

Beautiful fruit dove

Red lory

Dusky lory

Coconut lorikeet

Australian rainbow lorikeet

Marigold lorikeet

Olive-headed lorikeet

Vasa parrot

Green-winged macaw

Sulphur-crested cockatoo

Lesser sulphur-crested cockatoo

Lady Ross’ turaco


Common barn owl

Great horned owl

Eastern screech owl

Spectacled owl

Barred owl

Tawny frogmouth

Speckled mousebird

Blue-bellied roller

Laughing kookaburra

Blue-crowned Motmot

Green woodhoopoe

Red-billed hornbill

Sunda Wrinkled Hornbill

Silvery-cheeked hornbill

Southern ground hornbill

Bearded barbet

Green aracari

Chestnut-mandibled toucan

Magpie jay

White-necked raven

Plush-crested jay

Violet-backed starling

Golden-breasted starling

Emerald starling

Superb starling

Snowy-headed robin chat

White-crested laughing thrush

Red-billed leiothrix

White-headed buffalo weaver

Taveta golden weaver

Red-crested cardinal


Madagascar hissing cockroach

Two-spotted assassin bug

Sunburst diving beetle

Giant African millipede



Spotted catfish

African cichlid

Dusky krib

Congo Tetra


Alligator snapping turtle

Box turtle

Eastern box turtle

Aquatic box turtle

Black-knobbed map turtle

Diamondback Terrapin

Chinese three-striped box turtle

Japanese pond turtle

Aldabra tortoise

Radiated tortoise

Yellow-footed tortoise

Star tortoise

Desert tortoise

Gopher tortoise

Home’s hingeback tortoise

African pancake tortoise

Hermann’s tortoise

Egyptian tortoise

Philippine sail-finned lizard

Mali spiny-tailed lizard

Green crested basilisk

San Esteban Island chuckwalla

Leopard gecko

New Caledonia giant gecko

Caiman lizard

Jeweled lacerta

Prehensile-tailed skink

Blue-tongued skink


Mexican beaded lizard

Komodo dragon

Boa constrictor

Pacific boa

Emerald tree boa

Amazon tree boa

Green anaconda

Rough-scaled sand boa

Children’s python


Carpet python

Burmese python

Royal/ball python

Leaf-nosed  ratsnake

Baja ratsnake

Indigo snake



Red mountain racer

Cave snake

Eastern hognose snake

Grey-banded kingsnake

Common kingsnake




Timber rattlesnake

American alligator


European fire salamander

Asian giant toad

Giant marine toad

Green-and-black poison dart frog

Yellow-banded poison dart frog

White’s tree frog

African clawed frog

African bullfrog

Gopher frog



Virginia opossum

Short-tailed Opossum

Brush-tailed rat-kangaroo

Rock hyrax

African elephant

Hoffmann’s two-toed sloth

Red-fronted lemur

Ring-tailed lemur

Cotton-top Tamarin

Common squirrel monkey

Black-handed spider monkey

De Brazza’s monkey


Angolan colobus

Lar gibbon

Sumatran Orangutan

Prevost’s squirrel


Naked mole-rat

Norway rat

African Crested Porcupine

Long-tailed chinchilla

Four-toed hedgehog

Pallas’ cat

Sand cat

Black-footed cat




Fishing cat

African Lion

Malayan Tiger

Dwarf mongoose

Grey fox

Red fox

Fennec fox

North American Black Bear

California sea lion

North American river otter

Giant otter


Striped skunk

White-nosed coati


Red panda

Miniature Horse

Common Zebra

White Rhinoceros

Red River Hog

Guinea Hog


Reticulated Giraffe

Nubian Goats

Dwarf Nigerian Goats


Blue duiker