Shelby County residents, employees and students receive discounted admission on Shelby County Day!

May 30
The Birmingham Zoo celebrates its 60th Anniversary this year and the Zoo would like to share this milestone with Shelby County by providing a Shelby County Day on Saturday, May 30, 2015 from 9 am – 5 pm and offer 50% off general admission to all Shelby County residents and employees and University of Montevallo students.

Please present one of the following: Driver’s License, Employee ID or University ID. The Zoo will also offer $20.00 off any Zoo membership to all Shelby County residents and employees at this event. For more information please contact the Zoo’s group coordinator at 205-870-5230 or the Zoo’s main number at 205-870-0409. For more information, please visit

Visit the Zoo and Enjoy Story Time with Books-A-Million 

Sunday, June 28
186_8617Birmingham Zoo invites you and your family to enjoy story time hosted by Books-A-Million! This event is free with admission. Guests will enjoy hearing an animal-themed story and creating a themed craft. Story time at the Zoo is a fun, educational experience you won’t want to miss!


Educational Opportunities


The Education Department pursues the Zoo’s mission to “Inspire Passion for the Natural World” through innovative educational programming and exciting “hands-on” and “minds-on” activities that encourage and promote lifelong learning.

The Birmingham Zoo offers enriching educational opportunities for people of all ages! Scroll down to view the Zoo’s wide variety of interactive learning programs.

For additional inquiries or to register, please contact the Education Department at 205-397-3877 or


Animal Ed-Venture classes are designed for children up to five.
Stroller Safari: infant – one- year-old
Zoo Tots: Ages 2 – 3
Zoo Explorers: Ages 4 – 5

NEW CLASS! Keeper Kids: Ages 3 – 5

This new class will give a behind-the-scenes look at the Zoo. Explore how the keepers take care of the animals and the many things they do each day. There may even be opportunities for children to participate in activities that help the animals. Click here for more information about the Birmingham Zoo’s Animal Ed-Ventures Program.

homeschoolHomeSchool Academy

The Birmingham Zoo’s HomeSchool Academy features exciting, in-depth classes for students enrolled in First through Ninth grade. HomeSchool Academy classes are divided into four groups.  Click here for more information about the Birmingham Zoo’s HomeSchool Academy classes and themes.

schoolbreakSchool Break Camps

Featuring up-close animal encounters, train and carousel rides, lorikeet and giraffe feedings and guided tours of the Zoo, Birmingham Zoo School Break Camps are the best place for entertaining and interactive learning. School Break Camps are available for 4K to Fifth grade students. Click here for more information about the Birmingham Zoo’s School Break Camps!

IMG_0369Summer Camp

Sign up today for a Birmingham Zoo Summer ZooFari Camp! The best place for fun and learning it at a Birmingham Zoo Camp. Summer ZooFari Camp is available for 4K-8th grade students. Please click here for more information and to register your child today.



kiwanisKiwanis ZooSchool

Kiwanis ZooSchool is an interdisciplinary program designed to give Birmingham City School seventh grade students a unique and interactive educational experience. Participating students are immersed in a week long curriculum based on the Birmingham Zoo’s Trails of Africa exhibit. While Kiwanis ZooSchool is only offered to seventh grade students attending Birmingham City Schools, there are several opportunities to support Kiwanis ZooSchool by being a program sponsor.  To donate today, please click here. For more information about the Birmingham Zoo’s Kiwanis ZooSchool Program, click here.

patchprogramPatch Programs

The Birmingham Zoo Patch Programs allow scouts and groups to learn about the Zoo’s animals in detail through informative discussions, animal encounters and activities.

Patch Programs generally last up to two hours and include time in both the classroom and the Zoo. Programs can be modified for different age groups. Click here for more information about the Birmingham Zoo’s Patch Programs.

Nightlife Programs

Would you like to experience the Birmingham Zoo at night? The Birmingham Zoo offers three exciting nightlife programs:

ZooSnoozes: This overnight program invites groups to experience the Birmingham Zoo’s nightlife. ZooSnoozes begin at 7:00pm and conclude the next morning at 7:00am.

Twilight Tours: This program offers an intriguing exploration of the Birmingham Zoo’s nightlife. Twilight Tours include all the excitement of a ZooSnooze without the overnight stay. Twilight Tours begin at 7:00pm and conclude around 10:00pm.

Nocturnal Adventures: (For school groups only.) This overnight program presents a combination of adventure and learning. Nocturnal Adventures is an academic program that allows school groups to experience the nocturnal side of the Birmingham Zoo. Nocturnal Adventures begin at 7:00pm and conclude the next morning at 7:00am.

Click here for more information about the Birmingham Zoo’s Nightlife Programs.

ZooKeeper for a Day

Spend the day shadowing and working with a Birmingham Zoo ZooKeeper. ZooKeeper for a Day is designed for children ages 8 to 14. Participants will experience the daily life of one of the Children’s Zoo’s ZooKeepers. Register online to view availability and reserve your space.

Click here for more information about the Birmingham Zoo’s ZooKeeper for a Day Program.

For Teachers

This section is dedicated to teachers who may be interested in coming to the Zoo for a field trip. The Birmingham Zoo offers field trip groups the unique opportunity to participate in a school program and various Zoo activities during their visit. Please click here for more information and details on school programs and Zoo activities.


If you have questions about any education program, or you are having trouble with registration, the Education Department is here to help! Please call 205.397.3877 or email

Allergy Information

The Birmingham Zoo is a facility that uses nuts and nut products for animal diet purposes. Traces of nuts or nut products may be found in areas where animal feedings are conducted and areas where Programs and Educational animal demonstrations are performed. The safety of our guests remains a top priority and the Zoo takes precautions to provide a safe environment.

In the Education Programs Department, safety precautions include:

  • Teachers are trained to recognize the physical characteristics that indicate an allergic reaction is occurring and proper responses to take when a student has a reaction.
  • Teachers are trained to properly use EpiPen.
  • Teachers will not offer students any food containing nuts or nut products and all students will be discouraged from bringing snacks/lunches containing nuts or nut products.
  • Teachers will ensure that no nuts or nut products are used as any part of class activities (not involving a live animal demonstrations).